Agave Research

In November 2012 Cube-Cola travelled to Oaxaca, Mexico to research the natural, supernatural and metabolic properties of miel de agave, a pre-industrial nectar, drawn from the heart of the agave plant. 6 litres of Miel de Coyul agave syrup were purchased from Edgar Hernandez. 

A pit-smoked agave, the producers dig a hole in the ground, throw in the mature agave plants and volcanic rocks then light a fire for 3 days, this is not easily found on the european health foods market. Produces a dark agave with a smoky taste that fits extremely well with caramel and cola flavours.


For transaction details please see the Feral Trade project waybill

At a competitive public taste test at Oaxaca's Ethnobotannical Gardens, Cube-Cola Sugar went head to head with Cube-Cola Agave. The local bias of a predominantly Oaxacan audience needs to be recorded but still the agave mixture triumphed unequivocally. Only several small children claimed to prefer the sugar mix.


Mixing notes: the agave being denser than a sugar syrup, will it sink in sparkling water? Best mix ratio remains to be determined but due to its concentrated nature, for agave reduce the syrup to concentrate ratio by 1/3, possibly 1/2.

Price notes: agave was puchased at $120 pesos or £6 per litre, and shipped in the baggage of collegaues and friends at no direct cost by Feral Trade.

Afterthoughts: store bought agave in Europe is entirely another creature.