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Stevia & Xylitol

Recipe from a Cube-Cola Drinker (Corsham, Wiltshire UK)

Here is the best recipe and my husband (who can normally drink cola) couldn't tell it apart from the normal commercial sugar free version.

10g Whole Earth Stevia from Asda in Melksham
20g XyloBrit Xylitol from Green Ginger in Corsham
7.5ml (half a tablespoon) Cube cola concentrate
30ml water to mix the Stevia and Xylitol into a syrup
1Ltr carbonated water using a soda stream.
1) Mix the Stevia and Xylitol into a syrup with the 30ml of water.
2) Microwave for 30 seconds to form a syrup.
3) Add half a tablespoon of Cube cola concentrate to the syrup and cool.
4) Carbonate 1Ltr of water and chill.
5) Take a large jug, add the syrup concentrate mixture, then the carbonated
water (not the other way around else you end up with over flowing bubbles).